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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in *~*Redneck Girl*~*'s LiveJournal:

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
12:18 am

hey guy look im not dead well quick update ummm...met a guy been with him for 5 months...we moved in together about 3 months ago...almost got married in march....we didnt moved it to october but im thinkin december...idk we havent decided yet...ohh his name is robert and i love him so much.....my brother had a nother baby girl this time...lilleigh so thats a girl and 3 boys....he left her....idk why...havent talked to jamie in about 2 weeks hes doin good...thats about it see ya Liz

Current Mood: smile like a dick sucker
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
3:45 pm

hey guys whats been up sry havent updated in a while i have been so busy with tryin to get done with school that i just havent had time...that and myspace is better ha ha....if ur reading this get one k...well last night was so much fun...rachel had a bonfire for CJ bday and it was me emily rachel mark farah aarika shelby austin lauren james (for a lil bit) caitlin seth mike another mike i think some guy named brian i think thats all ohh frank and cj were there now that has to be it...well farah was drinkin and she was just sitttin there bein freakin retared omg and aarika was just omg it was j ust too funny but emily got a b/f out of the deal..and the was a few guys there none hott and all under age well im gonna go ttyl bye -Liz-

Sunday, November 6th, 2005
3:54 pm

hey guys whats up nothin to much here i havent been on in a while me and my mom have been fightin alot and she never lets me on her computer...im at rachels right now.....my mom kicked me out..so im moving to alabama....back home were we are number 1 in the SEC and 4th in the nation.....lakeland beat kathleen so bad friday night omg yeah it shut mark the fuck up ha ha ha GO DREADNAUGHTS.....42 14  lakeland....kathleen has these really cool shirts that said whos goin down....l-town....they were pimp....but they lost.....yeah what do u rep now mark well im gonna go eat bye guys

Saturday, October 8th, 2005
2:03 pm
for cowboys/cowgirls only!
ford or chevy?chevy
diesel or gas?gas
bulls or broncs?bulls
wrangler or cinch?wranglers
lace up or pull on boots?lace up
Justin or H&H?justins
tail gating or line dancing?tail gating
george strait or chis ledoux?george strait
mossy oak or real tree camo?mossy oak
bud or coors?bud
cope or skoal?skoal
do it for the buckle or the girls/guys?buckle
men belong in the...in the mud all sexie in their wranglers
women belong in the...with there men duh
beef or pork?beef
hunting or fishing?mhhh both
drugs or jesus?jesus
stetson or resistol?stetson omg so good!!
bed of your truck or a motel?bed of your truck hell yes
texas or colorado?texas
ropin or wrestling?ropin
tatoos or scars?tatoos
weekend at the rodeo or weekend with the love of your life?weekend at the rodeo with ur love lol

1:34 pm

hey guys whats up nothin to much here just being really tired....i talked to jamie till like 5 this mornin...we were do for a good talk....hhhmmm i cant talk like this on my my space b/c he'll read it...yesterday was rachels bday party....it was me emily rachel mark cj james lauren farah aaricka and austin...we went swimmin it was so fun omg...then we all went to the mall and i got rachel a pair of gator underwear....and a gator bag it was so cute....it wasnt as much as i spent on lauren but she liked it....then we went to the bowlin alley....yeah were there a lot....cj and his friend were so rude dang...and now im wonderin what i saw in him...hell nothin now....we came back here and that was about 1130 and i just talked to jamie on here and on the beep beep for the rest of the night...lauren and farah went to bed b4 we even took mark home and when we got back rachel fell asleep then at 4 emily fell asleep then i went to bed....but while there all watchin a movie and rachels workin on homework im gonna go take a nap.... as soon as i can get around with out sayin somethin about jamie im gonna be usein my my space well im out...bye


Current Mood: devious
3:20 am

hey guys whats up nothin to much here just being bored i got a myspace.com/bamaredneck86....jamie is fixin it for me tonight so yall will prolly see it b4 i do....jamie it better look good or....i no were u live...well im out


Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
2:37 am
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1:56 am

whats up nothin much here just jamie gettin m\on my nerves whats new....today was ok i had to go clean some niggers house...sucked then i came back to rachels....did nothin went to the movie and saw crying wolf it was really good omg it was....then we (me rach em and mark) walked up to the movie place and got ghost ship...ohh that movie it so good... i saw it along time ago with my x josh and i didnt really rememebr it so i saw it again and it really in to the blood thing yeah that just wasnt workin out...lol i swear i thought that i was gonna throw up

Saturday, October 1st, 2005
10:04 am

hey guys whats up with yall nothin to much here just sittin at rachels with lauren and danielle....lakeland won last night 42 10 it was so much fun i saw jc which i havent seen im like 2 months it was really fun.....i saw like eveyone that i havent seen since like last year...i didnt remember some ppl but its all good.....well im kinda tired danielle sat on me this mornin and worke me up that bitch....lol well im out bye


Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, September 30th, 2005
6:13 pm

GOIN TO THE LAKELAND GAME ...... GO DREADNAUGHTS we play lake gibson and r gonna kick some braves ass....SO HOT...SO HOT TO BE A DREADNAUGHT...SO HOT TO BE A LAKELAND DREADNAUGHT yeah im excitited this is the first lakeland game i have went to......and for all my alabama peeps....so how bout thoes vikings huh ohh yeah beat the dawgs 35 20 bitches

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
9:41 pm
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Current Mood: hyper
Friday, September 16th, 2005
6:00 pm

everyone has to fill out my last entry really i wanna know ppl go fill it out now right now...


Thursday, September 15th, 2005
7:45 pm
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Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
9:42 pm

hey well its all back to normal now i guess....i have been sick a little and havent been to school in a while....well just the 2 day for now....my foot hurts so bad from where i cut it at james's party...i cant hardly walk on it....but im ok...i guess me and jamie made up as usual...i swear hes so predectible really well its all good for now again.....i may be goin back to school tomorrow idk how i will feel well im out bye


Friday, September 9th, 2005
12:21 pm

hey guy sorry i havnt been on in a while we dont have a phone and rachels computer is missin letter well not missin just not really workin so anyway im at the librery with my mom right now but were about to leave thats why i havent got to call any one but i can still get mail  LnJrendneck829@yahoo.com yeah im gonn have to work on changin that one day and i still have aol for right now the same well im gonna go i got stuff to do but i talk to yall later and chris tell landon that im sorry that i havnt called and dont worry.....jen aint havin twins she only havin one and its a girl here that lauren u get to start over and have a girl u and a tyler....she due on fatt matts b-day jan. 25....i cant wait i love babies if anyone talks to jamie tell him whats goin on well im outie bye


Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
1:40 pm
its about jamie dont read it

hey whats up with yall nothin to much here just being bored and think about some stuff.....every time that we fight i just want him out of my life forever and when were not fightin and everything is normal i just want him....you would think after all we have been through and every thing that he has done and said that it would be easier than that but its not i know why do dont bother tellin me and i dont care how stupid that sounds.....im just lettin go of a problem.....me and my mom got in to a fight the other day about jamie...she wants me to go out with this guy that she knows his name is danny and hes 24....he seems nice and all but im just not ready to trust anyone yet..im just not....then she brings up jamie and how its not every one fault that i made a mistake....up until then i never really thought of me and him as a mistake.....im mean i dont think of it like that at all....sure some things were but not us complete...idk its just so complcated when it comes to him...i want him dead most of the time...but without him im lost and dont know what to do or who talk to about stuff....i feel like i dont have any real friends....ppl only talk to me when theres no one else to talk to.....or when they want somethin to do....all of them r like that....and lauren get over it i dont want james....she tells me that hes just soo pissed but he does it too all the freakin time and im tried of takin the blame when its not just me....im doin anything wrong....i have known him for like 2 yrs and if for one min i thought that i liked him for just more then a friend then sure i can see were u come from but i dont....but im sry that he treats me just like he does all his other chick friends....so just get over it....well i have to go i talk to yall later....bye


Current Mood: irate
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
8:45 pm
happy birthday emily!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday to u happy birthday to u happy birthday to emily happy birthday to u....wow ur FINALY 14 ur so young...lol happy birthday

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
2:55 am

hey guys whats up nothin to much here just being bored....yall still dont answer that whats up with that ho.....lol...well im in a better mood since the last entry...i guess i cant worry me if its for nothin and i dont want yall to worry either idk though......im still a bit worried but it could always be worse or thats what kellen thinks oh well.....anyway last night was so much fun...we went to the k-leen football game they played fort mead.....27  7 kleen bitches....today mark and his (another) cousin came over and we went swimmin then tonight we went to the blowin ally....it was all good but we just got home to im gonna try and go to bed byers

*~*Lizzie Ann*~*

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
8:19 pm

hey guys whats up with yall nothin to much here just bein bored thinkin about something...im kinda in a mood i have been a little bitchy lately and if i have to any one that i know im sorry...i went to the doctor today...and they made me take some tests....im so stressed out...i could be really sick u guys for real...she said (the doctor) that she wasnt sure but it could be cancer my tests will be back in about 3 to 6 weeks.....im really scared...i dont want to it to be this....hell i dont even really wanna know....that would just idk....im just idk...i have know words for this....i havent really talked to anyone today not all to much just landon thats about it...about this anyway...well im outie i ttyl


Current Mood: blank
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
12:05 pm

hey guys whats up nothin to much being bored.....yesterday was my x's birthday....david....danielle called me about 430 and was like me james and david r on our way to get u....david was so flirty....SCORE LOL JK.....anyway we came to rachels house then we (me reachel danielle lauren james and david) took david home then we all went to the south side movies to just hang out which was cool...i called sugar packet like 4 times to come up there but nooo.....lol.....anyway about 9 we took james home then came over to the orange bowl....to met mark and robby....robby wasnt there though....cj was we all hung out it was fun....rachel and lauren r gone right now there goin to get james then we all gonna go swimmin....then met mark and robby at the mall if i can get ahold of robby...well thats what the plan is everyone should go met us at the mall that would be pimp well im outie


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